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Glimpse of our work

Don’t believe our words! Here is the proof of the work we have done. Feel free to check the blockchain solutions we have built out and let us know if you are inspired enough to give us a call.


Donutswap is built similar to pancakeswap providing users with a portal to add liquidity to existing pools and earn interest. Read more

Crypto Derivative Token Solution

The token is built on elastic supply protocol which expands or contracts its total supply to achieve it’s target price. When the token’s supply is out of sync with the target price, it is adjusted via contracts to achieve equilibrium. Read more

Get Your Own NFT

With all the classic DeFi earning mechanisms inplace this portal provided users with the ability to earn reward tokens by staking their native tokens. These reward tokens would be redeemed for NFTs. Read more


With Cryptex, we developed a trading platform that facilitates cryptocurrency exchange with TrueUSD pairings with other cryptocurrencies. Cryptex offers TrueUSD based trading - the first verified asset-backed stablecoin that gives 1:1 parity with USD. Read more