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July 3, 2018
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July 3, 2018

Apps that leverage the concept of blockchain are called DApps. Blockchain technology functions on the simple premise of distributed information. A blockchain is a network of computers, grouped in blocks, that each maintains a ledger of information. Any time there is a transaction or exchange made on one of the computers, it is updated on every ledger across the blockchain. The decentralized nature of a blockchain prevents it from being vulnerable to hackers as every update of information is heavily encrypted. It also allows for information to be stored without cloud and in parts across a network of computers instead of just one.



Ethereum is a platform that allows for easy development of blockchain. DApps can be created using the language Solidity on Ethereum. It is an already established and ever-growing blockchain that can be used to create decentralized applications like Bitcoin. Ethereum DApps development is one of the main offerings at Codezeros as we understand the potential blockchain technology has for simplifying business.

DApps development on Ethereum blockchain can bring transparency, permanency, and security to all digital business transactions. If your business is scalable, you can leverage the distributed ledger system of blockchain technology to grow your reach exponentially.

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