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July 3, 2018
Cryptocurrency Development
July 3, 2018

Blockchain wallet development has been a central focus for developers in the past few years. When bitcoin was first introduced, no one predicted the tidal wave of innovation it would herald in the coming years. Blockchain technology became the next big thing and for good reason too. Harnessing its disruptive potential is at the core of our initiatives with your ideas.



One application of blockchain technology is to create decentralized currency. Bitcoin was the first one, but there have been a million since. To store a cryptocurrency, you need a blockchain wallet app which is smart-contract based and can allow you to trade your currency over any platform. For example, Ethereum wallet is a necessity if you want to use Ethereum. Any and all cryptocurrencies that are tradeable can be stored and traded from your wallet. Wallet development is one of the core offerings at Codezeros. We undertake blockchain wallet API development for our clients, both for trading as well as logistical functions on the blockchain we create for them.

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