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At Blockchain Developments, we thrive on innovation. Being an idea-centric company, our main focus is the what and the how of the ideas you bring to us: what problems are you trying to solve and how can we make that happen. Integrating the latest innovations in our solutions is our guiding principle, be it blockchain technology, VR, or IoT.


We use Ethereum and Hyperledger as our technologies. Ethereum is the most stable iteration of the technology used in blockchain so far and Hyperledger is an initiative by the Linux Foundation that is essentially exploring the possibilities that blockchain development technology can have on industrial processes.


In languages, we use Solidity, Node.js, HTML5 as well as Webpack. Solidity is the most commonly used programming language for creating Ethereum technology while Node.js is widely used JavaScript environment on blockchain platforms. HTML5 and Webpack help with the customisation.

Framework & Protocols

We use Truffle as a testing framework for all blockchain technology developed for the Ethereum platform. The protocol used for the blockchain technology are Swarm, Whisper and IPFS.

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